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уторак, 08. септембар 2009.

Our Products Gallery / Galerija nasih proizvoda I


Here is a sight in products that we have made for selling. If you have a suggestion or want to discuss or order product, you can send a request using comments form or mail us on

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Postavili smo jednu od mnogo galerija koje cemo uskoro dodati ovdje, cisto da mozete da se orijentisete i vidite sta mi sve to Vama nudimo. Ako imate primjedbu, neku posebnu narudzbinu ili predlog, mozete nam se obratiti putem forme komentara na dnu strane ili jednostavno nam poslati mejl na

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петак, 04. септембар 2009.

New Inspiration

As I've started to exchange some post stamps with people that I've met on Facebook, I've thought in myself - why wouldn't I send to them my hand made greeting cards?

As my goal is right that my cards become famous over the world, I've decided to send some joy to them. I believe in gifts sent from the heart, so, let's make some magic ! :)

You should enjoy in view :) also you can order some of unique cards that I make :)
Thank you for your support!!!

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