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среда, 03. октобар 2012.

Long time no see - more handmade things

This time we'll review some napkins that I've painted myself.. I love when creativeness takes me under it's own and I just can't resist of making some nice pictures, hopefully I could use them for some decoupage technique details that I need for some objects I am painting over ;)

So here we go!

A little bit of gucci style ;) I love it :)

Gucci again

I don't know why but simple drawing of eye is so inspiring motive that makes you do the eye every time different :)

Smth like a small message on old vintage style ;)

Again abstraction :)

It wouldn't be me if I wouldn't draw something weird like this flower ;) modern style :)

Both sides with my initials..

And of course, never old and never boring, ROSE MOTIVE ;)
I could exchange or even sell these exceptional issues of napkins if you are interested, so please make your comment bellow ;)


четвртак, 22. март 2012.

Naruceno / Ordered (Decoupage tehnique)

I've done some ordered decoupage in last year and I am really looking forward for new special
decoupaging objects.. with this wonderful tehnique you can't be bored out :)

This one was drawn on rice-paper, than put on white background, prepacked with small sparkles of golden color and than preserved in transparent spray :)

This is classic decoupage with nice napkin motive of Brandenburg gateway, made on golden background and sparkles are pattern made around the motive, making it breathe from all that golden powdery spray :)

And here is other part of same motive but here on white background.. even if white background gives it a crispier glance and contrast within colors on the napkin, the gold background makes it more elegant, old, and more interesting :)

Hope that you've enjoyed :)

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