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среда, 03. октобар 2012.

Long time no see - more handmade things

This time we'll review some napkins that I've painted myself.. I love when creativeness takes me under it's own and I just can't resist of making some nice pictures, hopefully I could use them for some decoupage technique details that I need for some objects I am painting over ;)

So here we go!

A little bit of gucci style ;) I love it :)

Gucci again

I don't know why but simple drawing of eye is so inspiring motive that makes you do the eye every time different :)

Smth like a small message on old vintage style ;)

Again abstraction :)

It wouldn't be me if I wouldn't draw something weird like this flower ;) modern style :)

Both sides with my initials..

And of course, never old and never boring, ROSE MOTIVE ;)
I could exchange or even sell these exceptional issues of napkins if you are interested, so please make your comment bellow ;)


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